Finger limes are unique: A citrus of recent horticultural development that is exciting chefs & citrus lovers the world over!

What are finger limes?

This native fruit tree (citrus australasica) grows as a rainforest understory plant in SE Queensland and NE New South Wales. It will also grow in full sun to a height of 6-10 metres, but for practical reasons the trees are usually pruned to a height that enables easy picking of the fruit. The fruit are cylindrical in shape, like a finger (about 100 mm length and 25 mm in diameter), and are genetically very diverse. Colours of skins and flesh vary enormously from bright green to bright red, and even a purple. We call our fruit “crystal pearls” because, when cut and squeezed, the caviar-like vesicles (or pearls) shine like crystals. Then comes the fresh burst of flavour as the pearls pop in the mouth.

Fingerlimes were definitely known and used by Aboriginal people, and early settlers also recognised their food value and retained some trees when clearing the land for farming. The Bundjalung (northern NSW) name for them was dooja. Aborigines also applied the pulp to wounds as a form of antiseptic. Their health value includes antioxidant properties, and they are rich in folate, potassium and vitamins E and C.

The trees are very thorny, making picking difficult, but they also provide a haven for small birds to build their nests. They begin flowering in late winter and are harvested from December to May according to the variety.

So far, we have 1200 trees in all – 500 are at an early maturing stage, and 700 are newly planted.

Amazing finger limes: Discover citrus caviar!

I’m a citrus lover, and the first time I got introduced to finger limes, I thought “What is this?” I had a taste, and they were just amazing. The explosion of flavour in my mouth, and the texture, just blew me away. Now I’m eating finger limes on my fish, salad, ice cream, cheese, oysters etc; they complement so many different foods. Finger limes taste good, and look amazing in all the different colours, and they are rich in folate, potassium and vitamin E and C.

Britta, Village Deli Bongaree, Bribie Island

I never knew there were so many varieties of finger limes. The incredible smell transports me straight back to Asia. Crystal Pearl Finger Limes sent us these beauties … perfect for our Asian classes and Gin masterclass. These varieties are Champagne, Pink Red and Green. If you haven’t tried a finger lime I highly recommend sourcing some from

Tania , Food I Am Cooking School, Wagga Wagga

I just love that fresh burst of flavour!

Joy Schultz, Crystal Pearl Finger Limes

Beautiful Varieties, Rainbow Colours!

  • Alstonville & Emerald (shades of green)

  • Champagne (yellow gold)

  • Byron Sunrise (red)

Each variety has a slightly different flavour. The range of colours and flavours mean they are highly in demand by chefs. Unlike other citrus they can also be frozen, and this allows a year-round supply. The fruit is sold fresh in season with a shelf life of 2-4 weeks if kept cool, or frozen for year-long supply.

byron surprise finger lime