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Our property is called Immaburra Gardens, situated at Wamuran in the Moreton Bay region of SE Queensland. We believe that the word “Immaburra” means “peaceful place” in the Waka Waka aboriginal language. However, our property is in neighbouring traditional lands of the Gubbi Gubbi people. Gubbi Gubbi land takes in the Glasshouse Mountains, so named by Captain James Cook.

These mountains are volcanic plugs formed millions of years ago, and their erosion has given us the fertile farmlands of the area. The backdrop of the entrance to our property is Mt Miketeebumalgrai (Mt Mickitee for short), the most southern of the Mountains, all of which form a family in Aboriginal legend.

Our farm also grows strawberries and some herbs. We were featured in a June 2017 Growcom Fruit and Vegetable News article where we described our approach to farming as “fusion farming” – that is, ‘fusing some older ways of doing things and adopting new technologies and methods to get the best results’. This means avoiding harmful chemicals where it is possible when growing a monoculture crop, looking after the soil and using integrated pest management.

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