We have fresh finger limes available from December to May and frozen finger limes at any time.

Fresh finger limes can be can be sent anywhere in Australia except South Australia or Western Australia (quarantine restrictions).

The most economic pack sizes for fresh are:

  • 250 gr

  • 375 gr
  • 500 gr
  • 750 gr

Larger orders are welcome.

A kilo of finger limes comprises 60-80 fruit. Please note that fruit left over from your order can be frozen.

Frozen finger limes are available at any time in 2kg – 5 kg lots. Courier charges of $18-$25 will apply depending on the destination. Fresh and Frozen prices vary according to seasonality and availability. Ring or email Bob for current prices as below.

How to order

Please contact us by

We will email you a tax invoice for payment before your order is despatched.

Payment can be made by EFT. We will need your full name and complete address for Australia Post deliveries and/or courier services.

After we have received your prepaid order, we will pick and despatch your fruit by Australia Post or courier within 48 hours. It is better to order early in the week.