Friends Harry and Chris have had a bountiful fingerlime tree for a number of years and suggest many other simple savoury options such as: mix with cream cheese and dips for snacks; mix with butter when making garlic bread; fold through curry mix, mashed potato, plain or saffron rice before serving; and sprinkle between layers in potato or tuna bakes.

They also suggest a couple of ideas taking slightly more effort: As a salad dressing, mix olive oil, white wine, Dijon or English mustard, and a pinch of salt with fingerlime pearls. (If you like a thicker version, emulsify the mix with a blender before adding the pearls as the mustard is a good emulsifier). If you want to give asparagus another dimension, blanch it in boiling water for two minutes and plunge into ice water as usual, and then dress it in melted butter and some pearls.